Transcend! Realizing the Meaning of Life

Transcend book cover

Just when you thought the story couldn’t twist any more…lightning strikes — literally in this case.  Share the continuing life journey of the Richards family in this fifth offering of The Teacher Series.  But wait a minute.  This installment is narrated by Darby.  Why?  Where’s Tom?

It’s not enough that Darby is struggling with demons from her past; she’s also faced with what seems like an insurmountable crisis in the present. But something amazing happens…this time starting with delicious dreams where a surprise “Teacher” appears to guide her to the next level of Spiritual Truth.

Grab this book now if you’ve read the previous books in the series…and if not, start with Free! Forgiving the Past to Unlock Your Future to get the whole story, step by step.

Buy Book Five in The Teacher Series now on Amazon/Kindle.

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