The Teacher Series is a spiritual development collection of six little books that chronicle Tom and Darby Lane Richards’ reluctant adventures with a mysterious and ethereal “Teacher” who appears uninvited and unwelcome, bringing critical wisdom at the most crucial times, to guide them through potentially devastating trials. “Teacher” puts life’s deepest mysteries under a high-power microscope to expose the spiritual secrets for discovering the Truth of What we are, Why we’re here, and Where we’re going.

“Teacher’s” powerful lessons provide a cleverly crafted guide for expanding awareness and deeper understanding of our relationship to ourselves, each other, and our connection to Universal Energy.


Free Buy Now CoverBook 1 – 54 Pages

Free! Forgiving the Past to Unlock Your Future

“A gripping, cathartic journey…”

Maybe they were innocent…maybe they just didn’t know…or maybe they really were psychic terrorists that abused their power by assaulting the mind of a child.

But it doesn’t matter…because it’s all part of the past. Free! shows you how to take back control by releasing the demons that chain you to your past in order to unlock your bright and brilliant future.  The choice truly is yours to make and your key is within these pages.

It’s actually very simple, but it’s up to you to take that first step.  Are you ready to gain control of your life and dive into the flow of possibility?  Are you finally ready to be Free?

Join Tom Richards on his liberating seven-day journey from the bondage of poisonous memories, to the glorious gift of freedom that forgiveness bestows.

Click on the link below, or the Buy Now book image above, to deliver the book almost instantly to your Kindle or other reading device…and start your journey to forgiveness today.


2 Choose

Book 2 – 56 pages

Choose!  Change Your Mind to Change Your Life

In the second book of The Teacher Series, the narrator’s awareness continues to expand and in an early twist, “Teacher” makes a surprise entrance to impart this hearty serving of life-changing wisdom.  If you enjoyed Tom Richards’ first book, FREE! Forgiving the Past to Unlock Your Future, you’ll love the way this one bumps the lessons to a higher level, after building the foundation for change in the series’ first installment.

Follow the Richards’ continuing journey of self-discovery, as this time Darby connects with “Teacher” who prods his reluctant pupils up the next step on the stairway to enlightenment.

Fiction or reality?  You be the judge as this parable of spiritual truth begins to work its magic on your consciousness.  Discover the simple answer to releasing painful and haunting traumas from your life.


Know Buy Now Cover

Book 3 – 47 pages

Know!  Discovering What You Really Are

As “Teacher” takes us deeper into life’s mysteries, Tom faces his greatest challenge yet…one that he may not survive.

Battling demons from his past has taken its toll and what manifests in this thrilling third book in The Teacher Series will surprise you…maybe even threaten your view of reality.

“Teacher” assaults the very foundations of conventional perceptions with this amazing infusion of Universal Truth.  Twists and turns abound as the Richards family’s journey continues…and just when you thought you had it worked out…

…well, you’ll just have to read for yourself.



Discover Buy Now CoverBook 4 – 53 pages

Discover! Revealing Love’s Truth

In Book Three of The Teacher Series, “Teacher” revealed a vital and shocking Truth. This next installment brings a completely fresh and challenging concept to the saga.

What‘s the next step in the awakening of spiritual consciousness?  And who will deliver the message with “Teacher” out of the picture?

In yet another overwhelming assault, the Richards family is faced with a devastating life challenge that threatens to destroy their newly acquired, but still fragile, happiness. But even the darkest road can lead us one step closer to a deeper understanding of Universal Truth.

You’re in for a treat (and a shock) with this fourth book in The Teacher Series.



Transcend Buy Now Cover Book 5 – 46 pages

Transcend!  Realizing the Meaning of Life

Just when you thought the story couldn’t twist any more…lightning strikes — literally in this case.  Share the continuing life journey of the Richards family in this fifth offering of The Teacher Series. But wait a minute. This installment is narrated by Darby.  Why?  Where’s Tom?

It’s not enough that Darby is struggling with demons from her past; she’s also faced with what seems like an insurmountable crisis in the present. But something amazing happens…this time starting with delicious dreams where a surprise “Teacher” appears to guide her to the next level of Spiritual Truth.

Grab this book now if you’ve read the previous books in the series…and if not, start with Free! Forgiving the Past to Unlock Your Future to get the whole story, step by step.



Believe Buy Now CoverBook 6 – 54 Pages

Believe!  Finding Faith

If you’ve followed The Teacher Series this far, you already know that the Richards family has certainly overcome more than their fair share of life’s recurring onslaughts. None has come without a super-sized helping of doubt and pain, but each new trial also brought greater wisdom and deeper understanding.

In this sixth offering of The Teacher Series, Darby and her family are confronted with perhaps the most threatening challenge of all…and a terrifying choice that could mean the terrible difference between life and death…….But either choice could prove fatal.

Sound like a no-win recipe for disaster?

….Claim your copy of the final (?) installment in The Teacher Series to find out.



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