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Choose! Change Your Mind to Change Your Life

choose book cover

In the second book of The Teacher Series, the narrator’s awareness continues to expand and in an early twist, “Teacher” makes a surprise entrance to impart this hearty serving of life-changing wisdom.  If you enjoyed Tom Richards’ first book, FREE! Forgiving the Past to Unlock Your Future, you’ll love the way this one bumps the lessons to a higher level, after building the foundation for change in the series’ first installment.

Follow the Richards’ continuing journey of self-discovery, as this time Darby connects with “Teacher” who prods his reluctant pupils up the next step on the stairway to enlightenment.

Fiction or reality?  You be the judge as this parable of spiritual truth begins to work its magic on your consciousness.  Discover the simple answer to releasing painful and haunting traumas from your life.

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